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"Water, Water, Everywhere....", 83h x 63w

Textile depicts how I saw the San Louis Dam,(2017)

in Merced County after the torrential rains we endured in

Northern California.

This work has been traveling the country in the

"Things That Matter" Exhibit. Currently, it is being exhibited at St. George Museum, Utah. Previously shown at Visions Museum, San Diego, Ca.

Alviso Blue, textile, 38h x 56w

This is first in a series of textile artworks that convey my feelings about the drought we are experiencing in California. The artwork inspiration is from a series of photos I have been taking of Alviso Salt Marches for may years. The salt marches are located in the Bay Area of Northern California.

This textile was recenly sold! I am so excited to know someone loves it as much as I do! A big thank you to the collector!

Alviso, Before & After, 48h x 54w

While looking at before and after the drought photographs of the Alviso Salt marshes it really jarred my sensibilities. This is my interpretation of how I felt.

This textile recently sold at The California Heritage Museum, Santa Monica, California  in the Art Quilts 2 exhibit!

Alviso, Drought, 36 x 36

For many years I have been photographing the Alviso Salt Marshes. In 2015 I was overwhelmed by the affects the drought had on the area. This series conveys my feelings The artwork was juried into 2018 Art Quilt Elements! I am truly honored to be selected again for this outstanding exhibit.